Looking for people to experience and trial Okinawa’s activities, cultural activities and accommodations! Okinawa travel for travel and social media enthusiasts!

Okiraku, an Okinawa travel reservation site, is looking for people to experience and trial Okinawa’s activities, cultural activities and accommodation! Okiraku will cover up to ¥50,000 per experience for successful applications. If you are planning a trip to Okinawa, experience numerous fun and affordable plans that you won’t find anywhere else!

What is Okiraku?

Okiraku is a reservation site for car rentals, accommodation and activities in Okinawa that are carefully selected and recommended by locals.

There are 1,800 plans to choose from starting with marine sports such as diving and snorkeling, mountain and river-related activities as well as cultural activities such as Shisa making workshops.

What activities, cultural activities and accommodations can you experience?

Of course, there is ocean-related activities as well as cultural experiences like Shisa and Ryukyu glass making workshops.

Ocean Activities

Snorkeling, diving, marine activities (Banana Boat, Fly board (Aqua Jetpack) etc.), Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), boat fishing, whale watching etc.

Air, Mountain and River Activities

Parasailing, mangrove kayaking, camping, cave expeditions, canyoning, buggy experiences etc.

Cultural Experiences

Shisa making workshops, Ryukyu glass workshops, Yachimun pottery workshops, Sanshin workshops, Ryuso wearing experiences etc.

Sightseeing Tours


Sightseeing bus tours, sightseeing taxi tours, rental bicycles etc.

Okinawa Accommodation Experiences

Hotels, condominiums, pensions, cottages, villas, holidays homes, Japanese guest houses (B&B) etc.

SPECIAL DEAL! Have up to ¥50,000 covered for every activity you experience!!

For activity testers, Okiraku will cover up to ¥50,000 for the activities, cultural activities and accommodation experiences you report on. If the activity is less than ¥50,000, participants can experience activities, cultural activities and accommodation experiences for free.

General Pricing for Okinawa’s Activities, Cultural Experiences and Accommodation

ActivityGeneral Pricing (1 person, tax included)
Blue Cave Snorkeling¥4,000~
Marine Sports
(Fly board (Aqua Jetpack), Wakeboarding etc.)
Whale Watching¥4,000~
Ryukyu Glass Making Workshop¥2,000~
Accommodation Experience¥20,000~

Application requirements for each social media platform

General conditions and conditions related to each platform are listed below

General conditions for applications
  • Must be over the age of 18.
  • Must be someone who enjoys Okinawa travel, leisure and/or being active.
  • Must be willing to share their personal information (The information will not be used for any purpose other than those related to the operation of this campaign)


  • Over 10,000 followers.
  • An engagement rate averaging at least 1%.
Post-activity report

Post a least 2 posts describing the experience.


  • Over 20,000 followers.
  • An engagement rate averaging at least 4%
Post-activity report

Post at least 3 tweets describing the experience.


  • Over 10,000 followers or video(s) with over 50,000 views.
  • An engagement rate averaging at least 8%.
Post-activity report

Post at least 1 video detailing the experience.


  • Over 5,000 channel subscribers or 3 videos with over 10,000 views.
Post-activity report

Post at least 1 video detailing the experience.


  • Someone that is running a specialized blog related to travel, marine sports and/or Okinawa, with an average monthly inflow of 30,000 sessions or more.
Post-activity report

Post a blog article(s) detailing the experience.

Only one application allowed per person. Please do not apply more than once. In the event you are chosen to participate, you will be required to sign a letter of consent.

Application Process


Apply via the application form.

Selection – Notification

After confirming the application, we will contact you with the result of the application.


After signing a letter of consent, the contract for the trial will be official.

Activity Experience

Experience Okiraku’s activities at the timing of your choice. Okiraku may ask you to experience certain activities they want testers to experience.

Post your report of the activities on social media

After the activity, post about your experience on social media to complete the trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can males also apply?

Applications are available to anyone regardless of gender.

Can you register even if you are aligned to an influencer agency or talent agency?


Do I have to show my face on social media posts?

Yes, successful participants must show their face. We ask influencers to show their face when posting on social media.

Is there any fees or charges for applying?

There are no fees or charges.

In the event I am participating from outside Okinawa, do I need to cover the costs of airline tickets and accommodation?

Yes, airline tickets and accommodation charges must be paid for by the individual. Okiraku will only be responsible for the charges (maximum ¥50,000) that occur from participating in the activities.

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